The Adrestia cabin often confuses campers. It doesn't give off a feeling of confusion, but the way the cabin is decorated does. One half of the cabin is black, the other white, straight down the middle, even to the double doors. The walls themselves are covered with murals, one side showing all good, the other showing all bad. Inside, the colors mesh, the furniture being a weathered grey. Beds line one wall, and a large fountain stands in the middle. There is only one spout, but the fountain spouts two kinds of liquids. One is clear water, the other is dark and murky, nobody is sure what that is. They spout from opposite sides, falling into the basin and mixing, only to be clear when reaching the basin. If one drop is drank of the mixed water, death would be a kindness. The Adrestia children often use this water as a poison, slipping it into foods or poisoning blades and arrows.[1]