Born as the second child, but the only son, he quickly decided he would dedicate himself to being a warrior, unlike Visenya and Rhaenys who were interested in their smartness (Visenya) and her beauty (Rhaenys), being the strong one, with Visenya being the smart one and Rhaenys the pretty one. He uses a hand-and-a-half longsword called Blackfyre. Her mother told the three about the Greek Gods so that they would be ready, All of them were told at age 7. When they were Visenya 12, Aegon 10 and Rhaenys 8, they found dragons. They thought they would grow but didn't, but kept them either way. Aegon called his, Balerion. When one day, Rhaenys was playing in the closest beach, she was attacked by a giant scorpion, she survived, but barely, her sword, Sunfyre was destroyed, Visenya and Aegon killed the scorpion with Blackfyre and Visenya's sword, Dark Sister. Aegon became very protective of her little sister. He became sightly paranoid during the first few days after that attack, shortly after, a castaway arrived after the sinking of his father's fishing boat. His name was Orys Baratheon, his mother Valaena quickly tried to heal him, and for a few days Orys was healthy, Aegon and Orys became friends but shortly after, Orys caught a severe fever and died. This made Aegon more of a solitary person and doesn't trust anyone who is not his mother, Visenya or Rhaenys. Then, tragedy struck a few years later (Visenya: 19 Aegon: 17 Rhaenys: 15) when 4 empousai arrived at Amelia Island. Valaena tried to win some time for them to flee, but failed after being killed pretty easily. Visenya gave Dark Sister to Rhaenys before taking a knife and killing one of the empousai before taking her mother's sword and killing two very easily but died with the last empousai. Aegon understood that Visenya was not coming back and that if Rhaenys went after her, they would be in more danger. He knocked Rhaenys unconscious and carried her to the escape raft, where he saw Visenya dying with her mother's sword on the empousa's torso before it vaporized and her eyes looking towards Aegon and Rhaenys. This left a very large mark on Aegon upon seeing that his sister and mother were dead and he could not do anything to help. The escape raft carried them through storms until they finally arrived at Miami, where the raft sank a while before a satyr led Aegon and Rhaenys to Camp Half-Blood.