Akakios is a descendant of the Lernaean Hydra.[1]

Appearance Edit

Mythical form Edit

In his normal form, Akakios the Hydra is a bloodred wingless serpent with many small legs and long-necked, finned heads. His body measures forty feet from head to tail.

Human form Edit

In the human form bestowed upon him by Persephone, Arthur is a tall, gangly, pale-skinned man with curly red hair and eyes, glasses and an affinity for dressy earth/fire-toned clothes.

Personality Edit

Blunt, often sharp and abuzz with suppressed temper, Arthur is a no-nonsense type who often tries to get away with the bare minimum of effort in his responsibilities. (He is, of course, only doing his current job because the consequences are a far sight more distasteful.) He can be selfish and aggressive, often vain, but when the circumstances move him he's capable of grudging sympathy as well. He's efficient at caretaking, just not usually what most people would call affectionate. He's callous about most things, but can be very easily upset by things that remind him of the circumstances of his first death. He likes Remy because they don't make much noise and keep to themself.

Story Edit

As Akakios, descendant of the Hydra slain by Herakles, Arthur guarded one of the many gateways to the underworld. He was a favorite of Persephone, until the day he killed and devoured one of his Queen's own daughters on her first quest.

After his defeat by the demigod's comrades, Persephone resurrected him and returned him to his full strength and status on one condition: that he repay her by becoming protector and caretaker for her demigod children and their allies, to guard them on Earth or in the godly realms in their times of need. To do this, she granted (read: locked him in) a human form, but his powers were limited by a contract that stipulates he use them only to aid demigods or for minor magics.

He chose the surname of Lehrer ("teacher", in German) as a pun on both his new role as caretaker and his mythical title, and "Arthur" because it started with an A. (Hydras are practical creatures.)

Abilities & items Edit

Powers Edit

Regeneration of limbs, poisonous blood, touch and breath, as well as fire-breathing.

Weapons Edit

Arthur owns a long golden scythe so that he can defend himself without using his limited powers, which he keeps in a Bag Of Holding-style wallet.

Strengths & weaknesses Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Fireproof skin
  • Accelerated healing factor
  • High alcohol tolerance

Weaknesses Edit

  • Extreme cold
  • Being wet or submerged in water
  • A fear of blades or anything that cuts
  • Paranoid about neck/head trauma

Likes & dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

  • Music
  • Raw meat
  • Expensive luxury items (and sometimes destroying said expensive things)

Dislikes Edit

  • Mortals
  • Most demigods
  • Being lorded over or ordered about

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