Alma grew up with her mother, Alina, but she had severe issues with her. Once Alina got over with her problems with Deimos and her other ex-husband, she married a respectful man. She got pregnant again once Alina was two. Around the age of six, Alma started to have nightmares. But the nightmares not only affected her, they gave nightmares to her sisters, and brother, as her powers were very unstable. By that, Alina began to punish Alma, by locking her in the dark basement and not feeding her for hours until Alma controlled herself.

As the years passed, Alma's powers grew more unstable, she would constantly give terror visions to her classmates, and they ended up in the ground trembling, mumbling Alma's name. Alina and Alma constantly fought, while her siblings just stood behind scared of their sister. Alma was kicked out of many schools for 'scarring her classmates' and 'creating night terrors for them'. She would always be alone, in the back of the classroom, and nobody wanted to be friends with the creepy girl in the class.

At the age of nine, Alma couldn't take the hate anymore. She ran away from home to the US, her mother couldn't be more happy, but her siblings were saddened by the news. She lived her life on the streets, stealing and tricking others to feed herself. As Alma was on the run she met a nice, kind demigod woman who took her to her home for a few days. The woman, Lilly, helped Alma control her strong emotions. Even though Alma loved Lilly, she still couldn't control her nightmares, which only gave Lilly nightmares, so she ran away once again.

By the age of 11, she finally discovered Camp Half-Blood. She stayed for three years but left to visit Lilly, as she missed her too much. She stayed with Lilly for a few months, learning more about manipulating and controlling her powers and then finally went back to Camp Half-Blood.