From the outside, the Aphrodite cabin looks like a large, pink dollhouse, with lace curtains and a slated roof. Inside, the Aphrodite cabin has hardwood floors and cream colored walls.

Beds are neatly tucked against walls, curtains separating them from the main room. Chests sit at the foot of each bed, and storage bins sit underneath each bed. The walls next to the beds are covered in personal photos and whatnot.

In the middle of the cabin is a huge area rug, which is filled with beanbags and chairs for lounging.

Against one wall is a wall of fame, which holds pictures of now famous children of Aphrodite, as well as a large wall of tacked up posters of hot people and books and movies the Aphrodite children like. On the other side of the room, sets of vanities covered in all types of makeup sit. At the very end of the room, two doors lead out of the cabin, one to a basement full of clothes, and one to the bathroom. The rest of the back wall is taken up by closets. Skylights let in beams of sunlight. It's OCD neat, everything in sight color coded.[1]