Apollo CabinEdit

Violet PainterEdit

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Archie and Violet became fast friends on the first day they met. They also started dating on the day, after sitting on a cabin roof and looking up at the stars(?). For unknown reasons, the two have broken up and Violet began seeing Liam Night for a brief day or two. The problem and relationship between the two were resolved after they confessions of wanted to mend their relationship. 


Kylie 'Ky' Harper YoungEdit

Archie was drawn to Ky after hearing about what she sees. Soon after, he became attached to her and started caring about her health. She's also a potential love interest. However, he's usually acting like a 'mother' towards her, always cooking and baking her food and checking if she has enough sleep.

Eros CabinEdit

Rowan RichardsonEdit

They became friends after a long chat 'behind the scenes'. 

Erebus CabinEdit

Nathan and Wyatt MccoyEdit

The three of them are accquintances due to them being quite similar, especially Archie and Wyatt.