Pairing: Archie and Ky

Archie Craig


Relationship Information
Relationship Type: Heterosexual
Status: Very close friends.
Intimacy Level: Strong care for each other.
First Met: When Archie spotted Ky talking to 'someone'.

Arky is a ship name for Archie Craig and Ky Young.

Arky is based upon Archie's desire to protect and help Ky. Although they are not involved with each other romantically, and the fact that Archie has a girlfriend, they have become a little platonically intimate. 


Upon meeting, Archie found Ky to be very intriguing because of her illusions and insanity. Through the course of the week, the two have had a strong bond with Archie protecting her and looking after her health. He's let her sleep in his bed and cooked for her. 


Blu has made another ship, which is one-sided on Ky's part.
  • Serendipity (deleted)


  • Blu (elusively today) was the first to create and discover the ship and name. 
  • Archie bought a dog, Fish, for Ky.
    • Archie is the father of the family, Ky is the mother and Fish is the child, according to Blu.