Pairing: Archie and Violet

Archie Craig

Violet Painter

Relationship Information
Other Ship Names: Archlet
Relationship Type: Heterosexual
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Intimacy Level: Second base
First Met: Under a tree where Violet came up to Archie.
Archie: Violet, this is your choice. Whether you want to get back together with me or not. I wouldn't mind either way. I would prefer that you didn't choose the latter but...It's your choice.
Violet : I do want to get back together with you! What I don't want is a series of mindless, random hookups.
Archie: Then don't have anymore hookups. Just have me.
Archie to Violet, on topic Camp Half Blood pg. 1256

ARLET is a ship name for Archie Craig and Violet Painter.

Their relationship began on the night they met where Violet made the first move to kiss Archie. Archlet is built up of sweet and pleasant love, which becomes a little intimate. The development in their relationship was made when they encountered again after a long and mysterious break up. 


Archie and Violet had first met when the blond boy was sitting under a tree, listening to his music and playing his portable gaming console. Violet had drawn his attention away from his game and they began talking and introducing themselves. 

They then decided to go and watch the stars on a cabin roof and Archie was very much a gentleman to Violet that night. It was when they both lay on the roof that Violet had made her move to kiss Archie and him, being quite slow was shocked. Their relationship was immediately built with Violet saying 'opposites attract'. 

In between the four months that Archie and Violet have not contacted each other, Violet saw Liam NIght briefly and Archie had a slight romance with a demigod. Their relationship was soon resolved after Archie went to look for his headphones in her cabin, only to find she had it. It took quite a while and the two were almost at the point of being naked when they had to discuss about their relationship. Eventually they made up and began their relationship again.


Blu has made yet another fanfic.
  • Serendipity (deleted) (THIS IS A ONE-SIDED ARKY)


  • Archie and Violet have started dating on the night they met.
    • Their break up also became a mystery.
      • They soon mended their relationship again.
  • Archie and Violet are opposites in both heritage and preferences.


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