From the minute they were born, Leyla had known they were demigods, but as a famous dancer, she refused to have that kind of time and care put on her. She hired a mansion sized host of servants and workers, bought a small island, and built a mansion there. She tracked down a few grown demigods and hired them to train the twins to fight from the time they were five. They grew up knowing about their lineage, their demigod teachers telling them all they'd need to know, but still urging Leyla to send them to Camp Half-Blood. But Leyla wanted to keep them around to improve her image, make her look like a caring, warm mother. When the twins were nine, a hydra came to the island and destroyed everything in its path. Ash and Dusk barely escaped, but only their demigod teachers had survived the attack with them. But another attack by a sea monster only days later left them alone and helpless, until a saytr tracked them down and brought them to camp. Tossed in the Hermes cabin, Ash became tempted to join the Titan army, but when Dusk refused to come with, he decided to stay and fight. Both fought in the Battle of Olympus, unleashing their full power for the first time.