Athena's Cabin is a grey building with an owl carved over the door. It's two stories, which is not easy to tell from the outside.

Half of the main floor is made to look like a workshop on one side, with bookshelves pushed into any available corner, and a Prometheus board hanging off of one wall, while the bunk beds are pushed up against one wall. A pull down staircase leads to the second floor, which works as a library and Armory.

Built in bookshelves stretch to the ceiling, the roof filled with four skylights letting in light, and lamps sitting on tables give ambient light. Computers sit on desks against one wall of the room, while chairs, sofas, and tables stretch in the middle.

The bookshelves are filled with thousands of books, and old scrolls. One the wall opposite of the computers, wardrobes sit, filled with an array of prototypes and extra-dangerous weapons.[1]