Carlinius, Petely, and Carson are ship names for Carly and her three possible love interests: Cornelius, Peter, and Hudson, respectively. Each one of these pairings are good friends who've taken their relationship farther than friendship, which sometimes can have a negative impact on such friendship.

Pairing: Cornelius and Carly/Peter and Carly/Hudson and Carly
Relationship Information
Relationship Type: Heterosexual
Status: Carlinius: Dating

Petely: Friends, but their relationship has crumbled a bit after they came very close to having sex Carson: Friends

Intimacy Level: Carlinius: A lot of kissing and physicality

Petely: They've pretty much have done a lot of sexual things together, but they haven't actually had intercourse. Carson:

First Met: Carlinius: Cornelius decided to help Carly as she attempted to do some archery.

Petely: Peter met Carly as she was doing her nails. Carson: Hudson and Carly were friends already.

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