Cherry was born in Dublin to a poor family. Her father had hardly enough to provide for her, but they raised chickens. Once a week, Cherry would have to go into the farmers market to sell eggs. This is where her obsession with gossip began (plus her mother helped) Her life went on like that until she was ten when her father was killed by an unknown source, found dead in a river. Rumors were spread around town, saying that SHE killed him. People shunned her, called her murderer, but she knew she wasn't but nobody would believe her. Some even hurt her, which left scars on her body that she hides. She decided to run away, but it was difficult going anywhere without being shut out. Eventually, after many hardships that she wanted to forget, she discovered her ability to shape shift and turn to an eagle. She went to New York. , where no one would know here. She stumbled upon camp half blood soon after.