Chloe is the daughter of a wealthy businessman who believed in being polite and proper. She had a good family life, she was raised with her father, although he was often away at business trips, and step-mother. She is an only child. Her step-mother and her got along very well, and she raised Chloe to be a proper young women. She lived with maids and butlers, too. She did very well in school, except for the fact that she and the principal of her private school did not get along. She had a good group of friends up until 6th grade because they decided it wasn't cool to hang with her anymore. Except for one of them who actually ditched the group for her. When she was going into seventh grade, it became a rule that every student came to the principal to discuss their career plans. Chloe got called up first, which she thought was weird, considering the fact that her last name was near the end of the alphabet, but she went anyway. When she got to the office, her best friend told her not to go in. She also thought that was odd but she went in anyway. Turns out that the principal was a lioness, and she started to run from the office. Chloe's best friend Sam ran by her, tossed her the knife and told her to use it on the lion. She was appalled at the idea of hurting it, but Sam insisted. She ended up throwing the knife in the dead right spot to kill it. Dazed, she let her friend take her to camp and he told her everything.