Pairing: Cornelius and Olivia
Relationship Information
Relationship Type: Heterosexual
Status: Close friends.
Intimacy Level: kissed once
First Met: "Eh... Uhm... If I remember correctly, Cornelius saw Olivia passing by and decided to hit on her, then another girl with hellish fury cut it between them and slapped Cornelius really hard."

~Aloquat "That was their second meeting. Olivia was sitting on her porch and Cornelius asked her why she didn't look more feminine." ~Master Senpai

Cornivia is the ship name for Cornelius Steel and Olivia Elliot.

Cornivia is based upon their close friendship. Although Cornelius has resolved to never love one girl more than another, Olivia seems to be the exception, but it's still unknown if he really does have feelings for her.