Cynthia Becca Reynes is a daughter of Aeolus.[1]


Cynthia has long brown hair, and a slim build with pale skin. Her eyes are blue and she has a small nose.


Cynthia has an overachiever complex. After her mother or remarried, the only way for Cynthia to get her mother to pay attention to her was to get awards or win competitions. This resulted in her becoming focused on the finish line, to win. Even though over time her mom started to gradually pay less and less attention to her again, she found this to be the only way to attract her mom's attention, aside from breaking the law. She already believes she is better then most people at her school and has a hard time making friends because she doesn't believe some of them are good enough for her anymore

Story Edit

Cynthia's mom, Samantha Reynes, was a meteorologist. Aeolos noticed her mom because she was kinda crazy about the weather. In thunderstorm, blizzards, and floods, her mom would stand outside and take pictures or video. He posed as a weatherman at the station her mother worked at, and they had a short relationship, before he got "transferred to another location". Cynthia grew up with her mother's attention until she was about 8, when her mom got married to another guy. After her mom and step-father had two children she was kinda forgotten about. Cynthia discovered that her mother would pay attention to her whenever she did something important or won something. She got almost anything she wanted, but she always kinda though of herself as an afterthought in her mom's mind. She ran away when she was 10 and got brought back home by Social Security Agents. When she was 11 she got attacked by hostile venti and was saved by mortals who thought she was dying of a heart attack or something. Afterwards she was guided to camp by dreams before she met a stayr.

Fatal Flaw Edit


Ablilities & Items Edit

Powers Edit

Aerokenesis-She can bend the winds to her control.

Atmokinesis-Can control the weather in a small area.

Thermokinesis-Can control the temperture of a small area.

Weapons Edit

Two daggers made of celestial bronze, they turn into a bracelet with two charms on it.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Athletic
  • thinks on her feet
  • academically talented

Weaknesses Edit

  • her diplomacy skills suck
  • fear of the dark
  • has hard time making friends

Likes & Dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

  • A cool breeze
  • sunshine
  • the weekends

Dislikes Edit

  • Thunder
  • Insects
  • Darkness


Reference ListEdit

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