Dionysus cabin is a house, resembling a log cabin in structure. The house is painted royal purple, grape vines and ivy crawling up the sides and in trellis' the door is dark green, and the front is comprised mainly of large windows.

Inside, the walls are made of a light colored natural pine, and the floors a darker shade of timber. A large stone fireplace sits against one wall, a flatscreen mounted above it. Surrounding the fireplace is a deep purple couch, and two chairs of the same color, with a leopard print rug set underneath a pine coffee table. The bathroom is located on the lower floor, and a few desks are set near the windows for writing and studying.

A large staircase leads to an upper level, which holds eight bedrooms, set with two beds each, like dorms.[1]

Members Edit

Kylie Young

Cameron Pharaoh

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