Born as the only son, Dorian didn't have much contact with people his age in daily basis. When he finally went to school, he was shocked by how society behaves. Dorian quickly developed a hatred for society. (Not humanity, not "join the titans" stuff, More like "Humanity is doomed. I hate this place") Obviously Dorian did not fit in there, but his mother did the best she could to have him happy or at least put his sociopathy (Is that even a word?) down a notch. For a while, it worked. Dorian did his best at trying to fit in school, despite what he felt. With this, the 11 year old managed to fit in. For 2 days, because in the second day a monster attacked him in school. He was saved by another demigod called Elric, who took him away. Dorian asked if he could get a moment to say goodbye to his mother. Elric had no trouble. And so, Dorian arrived at Camp Half-Blood. He did not like it. Being a son of Hermes meant that he had to share the cabin with the prankers. He hated it inmediately. Soon, all that Dorian had done to fit in in school and all that his mother did to try to make Dorian fit in went to the trash can. This only increased his hatred for mortal society, made him hate Hermes cabin and made him avoid talking with anyone that isn't him.