Eli Acacia is a son of Adrestia, goddess of revolt and balance between good and evil.

Appearance Edit

Eli has a relatively average build, though slightly scrawny. He has an almost average build, only slightly scrawny. His face has freckles dotted on it, not in one particular place, and he also has a few freckles on his arms and back. The way he comes off really depends on the mood he's in, since he unwillingly expresses his emotions through his facial expressions.

Personality Edit

Elias is a mix been being social and antisocial. He loves being around large groups of people, but has a hard time with one on one socialization or talking to small groups of people. He's pretty outspoken and stuck in his ways, but he loves to debate over harmless things. He tends to be more of an observer then an action taker, and will get caught up in monitoring other people's actions and reactions to things. When he finds out someone else shares his likes, dislikes, or beliefs, he gets pretty attached to them and usually will be more comfortable talking to them alone. He can get pretty attached to people, which can be a problem in certain cases, and he tends to get upset when the people he loves are having problems.

Fatal Flaw Edit

Grudge holding and suspicion.

Powers Edit

Creating a balance in an atmosphere, sensing the balance between good and evil in a person.


Twin blades called εκδίκηση (revenge) and υποψία (suspicion)


Physical strength, the ability to analyze people and situations, and the ability to convince people he's right.


Stubbornness, clumsiness, is slow to react.

Likes Edit

His sister Avaline, his dad, listening to people talk, people who share his interests.

Dislikes Edit

Obnoxious people, rule breakers and liars, secrets