Faith was born blind to the goddess of sight. She was named because Theia saw that Faith would see the good in others, and be strong. She was raised by her father in an apartment in Chicago, though she longed for a place she could go where there was little to crash into. Her father told her when she was eight who her mother was, and she began searching herself for any power. She discovered that though she couldn't physically see, she could see the inner good in others, and she could see, though it was cloudy, into the future. When she was ten, she was walking with her father, they were attacked by a Cyclops, and her father was killed. She prayed to her mother to protect her from what she couldn't see at that moment, and she could suddenly sense what was around her. She escaped the Cyclops, and prayed to her mother again, this time for a new home. A satyr found her in an alley, and she was brought to Camp Half-Blood.