Harvey used to live in a small apartment with his mother for 5 years. During the time, his mother was a prostitute, trying to earn money for them to eat. He didn't know what was happening at the time until when he was 7 and they had moved into a much bigger home. Harvey was frustrated that his mother did that but she didn't care. She said that 'money means more than anything' and so he silenced himself. His mother taught him a lot of things about the world and how shallow romance and love can be.

Harvey was an intelligent young chap and as soon as he finished Year 3 of primary school, he was given a scholarship to enroll grammar school. He took the scholarship for the sake of his mother. She was somewhat pleased but every time had talked, it was more business than family. At the school, he was taught how to be a gentleman and polite. It was when he had turned 13 that his mother told him about his father and camp. It surprised him a bit but not much. Then he decided to visit camp and stayed there for the holidays.

Harvey lost his virginity on his 16th birthday at a beach party that his 4-days girlfriend held. It was massive and Harvey matured a lot during that time. He then started working and focused on his driving test. His mother had also re-married a man who has a medium wage job and promised to support him financially only.