Hecate's Cabin is made up of bricks covered in magical inscriptions that glow faintly at dawn, noon, and dusk. A good amount of their magical energy has been drained, removing their volatile nature. The cabin door, which is flanked by two hellfire torches on each side, has a handle which the children of Hecate often enchant with curses to keep the Hermes children out. Inside, the cabin walls are lined with shelves filled with books that educate children of magic on the many exploits, powerful spells, and potion recipes written by their siblings from across the ages. Glowing orbs which float along the interior of the cabin serve as the cabin's main light source. A hallway leads to the bedrooms off of the main room. Along the left wall, in between two bookshelves is a main closet, filled with cauldrons and many potion ingredients.[1]