Cabin eleven looks like any normal cabin. Screens cover the windows to prevent bugs from getting in, the wood porch is a bit creaky, and it looks rather weathered. Large, beach house like brown shingles cover the sides of the cabin.

Since the new cabins were built, Hermes cabin was rebuilt too. Airplane and pocket doors hide bunks from sight, one side for boys, the other for girls. Each room holds four collapsible bunk bed and a small flatscreen TV. Built into the walls are pull out drawers, holding clothes and personal items. In the middle of the main room, a 72' inch flatscreen TV is mounted on the wall, below it lie bookshelves full of movies and video games. Couches and beanbags surround the TV. In the middle of the room, tables are used for studying (or more likely, pranking,)

Two doors lead off from the main room, a bathroom, and a room full of closets, which is also used to hold prank supplies.[1]