James was born to a small English family in 1960. He was a bastard child, as his mother had had an affair with Ares. She was a beautiful woman married to a drunk with six children and in poverty. Ares took pity on her, and with her approval gave a 3 year old James to Blackbeard as a prodigee.

James quickly went up the ranks. He was raised by a chubby adviser of Blackbeard called Doc who was a close father figure to him. James started doing the worst of the chores, bur excelled it sword fighting as he could almost dance while doing it. He learned from his mistakes and unlike other siblings and campers was marked with scars for his carelessness. By the young age of 16 he was allowed to captain the second fastest boat in the fleet the Jolly Rodger.

Due to the Sea of Monsters, messing with time. He maintained a youthful look never aging past 1980. At one point Blackbeard's fourth wife was kidnapped by someone named Peter Pan. The fleet split up and Hook found the Jolly Rodger in Neverland. He eventually found Peter Pan, but it was too late as Blackbeard's wife was murdered. Before leaving Netherland, Hook got into a slight accident and had his left hand bitten off by a Crocodile Monster. He replaced it with a hook.

He never found Blackbeard's boat (as he was on Circe's island), but he did find the rest of the fleet and took on Blackbeard's position as first in command. In 1993, Hook's mother died. For the second time in his life he met his father Ares who informed him of her death in addition to giving him an ancient family heirloom that she wanted James to have. Ares possessed the ring and gave it to James to put on his hook. While wearing the ring his hand appears normal and other demigod/monster powers become ineffective on him.