Pairing: Jolon Edgecomb and Eli Acacia


Jolon Edgecomb

Relationship Information
Relationship Type: Homosexual
Status: Dating
Intimacy Level: Home base
First Met: Outside the infirmary of Camp Half-Blood

Joli is the ship name for the relationship between Jolon Edgecomb and Eli Acacia. It's pretty much the most beloved gay ship on the forum, as they're a cute ship that also have a cute son, due to some strange happenings.

Story Edit

Jolon and Eli met shortly after The Hand of Doom, and were quickly thrust into a plot by Jolon's mother, Jessica. Jolon had been experiencing chronic outbursts of pain and energy from his body, due to the mixture of godly bloodlines within him. Jolon went home to face his mother, and asked Eli to accompany him. While there, Jessica revealed her intentions to create a new son, a clone of Jolon who would be heterosexual (and therefore able to reproduce and create a stronger demigod). She imprisoned the two of them, and during one of Jolon's outbursts Eli discovered that physical contact with him could calm the raging instability, due to his mother being the goddess of balance.

He kissed Jolon on impulse, stopping the attack before it caused him any more pain. The two of them then broke free and attempted to escape, but were captured by Jessica a second time. They were saved by the intervention of Moros, god of doom and Jolon's ancestor. Moros tore apart the Edgecomb mansion, killing Jolon's grandfather. Jolon managed to get Eli to safety, but was apparently killed in the ensuing explosion when Moros blew up the house.

Weeks passed, and Jolon eventually resurfaced, alive. He revealed to Eli that he had been tracking his mother, who also survived Moros' assault. Convinced that Jessica had made a clone of them, Jolon and Eli traveled to Hades' palace, where Jolon used a contraption of his father's to discover the location of their child. Upon arriving in the lab they were ambushed by Jessica, who revealed their son, Seth, to them. Seth, however, sensed Jessica's evil and sent her to the Underworld, embracing his fathers.

Eli and Seth were kidnapped by Sentinel during his invasion of Manhattan. In an attempt to break Jolon, Sentinel unveiled them, shot Eli in the stomach, and trapped the three of them under debris. All three survived, but Jolon was demoralized by his failure to protect his family that he stopped being a vigilante and put up his armor. Shortly after that, Jolon admitted that he was in love with Eli and that despite Seth, what they had was beyond simply dating. Eli agreed, and the two embraced.

Jolon and Eli eventually agreed to give Seth godparents in case anything happened to them. Before Jolon went off to start the events of Earthfall, he confessed to Eli that he was scared of not returning. Eli told him he would return, but to be careful.

Trivia Edit

  • Joli is the first pairing to have a child.
  • Joli is also the third confirmed homosexual pairing, with the first being Taka and the second, Tanter.