Luca was hospitalised for the first 5 years of his life. He had never seen the outside world and as the days passed, his father had come less often. His father had blamed the work but in truth, it was because of his lack of remembrance of Luca. Until the day of Christmas, the time of the year Luca loved the most, his father stopped showing up. It was then that Luca became out of control and his powers got the best of him.

The next day, Luca was sent out of the hospital, mainly because he was healthy, so he headed home. It was soon depressing when Luca had rung the house bell. His father opened the door and asked who he was. This struck Luca but what was so despairing was that Dimitri had a couple of children, around his age, over. Luca was forgotten and it was terrible because he was only 5 at the time.

Luca was left on the streets wandering for days, until he met a satyr that led him to Camp. No one remembered him or noticed him for a long while when he had arrived.