Was originally born in Las Cruces, NM. Her mother, Allison, works as a hotel manager in Las Cruses. When Mackenzie was 5, Allison decided to move to El Paso in hopes to make a hotel company. When Mackenzie was 8, Allison married Karl Millar who had two kids of his own a 6 year old boy named Jay and a 9 year old girl named Lola. Karl owned a hotel company called "Millar's Suites". Mackenzie only had ADHD. Mackenzie didn't get suspended from many schools ( she got suspended because she stole from kids in her class and the teacher). Mackenzie didn't get attacked by a monster until she was 10 and in 5th were she got attacked by a hell hound on a field trip to the zoo. Allison went to the field trip as a parent volunteer and had a celestial bronze knife with her and she killed the hell hound. Allison decided it would be a good idea to sent Mackenzie to Camp Half Blood. Mackenzie went to CHB in a plane with her moms celestial bronze knife. Mackenzie Ashton has been going since then every summer and has befriended her siblings in the Hermes Cabin.