Mark was raised by his father, who was a very well-known magician. They traveled from state to state, country to country and eventually overseas. He looked up to his father and was raised to be a great magician. Over the years, he had come to love magic and the seven wonders of the world. His father had always had flings and he didn't mind, even if his father had to bear children because truthfully, Mark loved siblings. When he and his father toured to world for shows and street magic, he took the time to study psychology and biology all on his own, with the help of present day technology.

He came to camp after being discovered and entertained by a satyr at the age of sixteen when he was doing street magic in England, right outside of Steven Frayne (Dynamo)'s house. Although he's an all-rounder camper, he usually leaves camp for street shows in the States. It's also revealed that during his tour with his father, he's been arrested a couple of times.