Max was born to two Scottish-British citizens in Glasgow. They lived in a three-bedroom home for three years. During that time, Max obtained his Scottish as well as mixing it in with a British accent considering he used to go into London with his father for jobs and shopping. After his sister was born and his mother announcing not to have any more children, his family decided to move to Japan.

It took Max around five years to adapt to the Japanese culture and learn their language and even though he was young, his accent never changed. In Tokyo, he stood out a lot and enjoyed the attention. He then turned to watching and reading anime and manga and after a couple of them, he became a little perverted. He was very open with his perverted-ness but it never seemed to keep the girls and guys away. It was obvious that they liked him because of his origin and good looks, not to mention his blond hair.

However, when his brother turned eighteen, his parents decided for them to leave Japan to start a new life in America. This depressed Max a lot since he met new friends and he had to separate from his first girlfriend, whom he lost his virginity to. It got better once he had stayed in the states for months. He was able to move on with his life and have some one-night stands, which only lead him to getting third base treatment.