Pairing: Peter and Veronica



Relationship Information
Relationship Type: Heterosexual
Status: Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Intimacy Level: Second base
First Met: Fighting Miranda Grace in a skyscraper

Peteronica is a ship name for Peter Tachýti̱ta and Veronica Carter.

Story Edit

Their relationship began when Peter and Jolon Edgecomb were fighting Miranda Grace, a daughter of Hecate, during the events that led to the Rise of the Heirophant arc. Veronica appeared to help the two and hit Miranda with a baseball bat, knocking Miranda out. Peter, to Veronica's shock, kicked her out though a skyscrpaer window anyway. Veronica's response was along the lines of "DUDE WHAT THE F***".

At the moment, Peter was in love with Faith Trails, a daughter of Theia who was fated to die on her sixteenth birthday. A demigod named Cal Mars was also in love with Faith, and led an assault against Camp Half-Blood and Olympus after Faith died. This assault was later known as The Ronin War.

Faith was later revived right before the end of The Ronin War, just in time to see Cal die. She and Peter began dating shortly after, but Peter died she became sick with worry. After Peter was revived, he decided that Faith wasn't emotionally stable enough to handle the sort of life he lived and broke up with her.

Peter and Veronica worked as a team to defeat Sentinel and Lysimar during the final parts of the Precursor Arc. At the end of Earthfall, shortly after Veronica sacrificed herself to save the rest of the questors but was revived, Veronica kissed Peter right before the questors went home.