Pairing: Gage and Reyna
Relationship Information
Relationship Type: Heterosexual
Status: Very, very good friends
Intimacy Level: Just friendship, bordering on romance. Gage has hugged Reyna multiple times, but they've never kissed. He's asked her to Rosner's wedding.
First Met: Reyna was sleeping in a tree; Gage woke her up.

Rage is the ship name for Gage Pierzynski-Arvanitis and Reyna Umber.

Rage is based upon their strong friendship for each other. They constantly tease each other, and they act quite couple-ish. However, they aren't officially in a romantic relationship.

Story Edit

Reyna was sleeping in a tree, and Gage woke her up. They have had some interaction before this and knew each other. Eventually Gage "stalked" Reyna, as SG describes it, and they soon became good friends, to the point where they've hugged and and Reyna's stolen his jacket.

Gage worries about Reyna sometimes. For example, when she fell asleep in her cave late at night, he wonders about the effects of being outside at night on both her health and safety.