Reyna didn't have a wonderful past as her sister did. Her mother found her as a creep and if it wasn't for Erebus, Reyna would either be in an orphanage or on the streets. She didn't even have her own room, she slept on the couch while her sister slept in her nice bedroom. Even thought her mother hated Reyna, Chelsea found Reyna really interesting and cool because of her tricks and her ability to care. Reyna loved her sister and would take anything for her even if it was to have a big long scar on her back for the rest of her life. Reyna finally ran away after her sister got into a car accident. She had two problems. One was she didn't have a home and the second was she was being followed by monsters. She always kept knives with her so she thought she could fight them, but it came to the point when she was about to give up. That's when a satyr showed up and saved her. As they went to Camp Half-Blood they were followed by more challenges they had to face. She found her ability to turn into a shadow which she did with the satyr and they got more closer when Reyna's energy was getting lower. They rested for a bit before they were getting attacked again. She suddenly turned into a large owl and she and the satyr flew all the way there.