Being born as the youngest child, she was naturally her mother's predilect to be like her, Visenya was warrior-like but Rhaenys was quiet, nice, shy and very much like her mother. Her mother told the three about the Greek Gods so that they would be ready, All of them were told at age 7. When she was 8, She and her siblings found dragons, Visenya called hers, Vhagar, a yellow dragon. Aegon called his, Balerion, the biggest of the three, which he calls "The Black Dread" due to how unoffensive they are due to their small size. She called hers, Meraxes, a green dragon. (Just as a note. Balerion, 1 meter tall and 2 and a half meters with his wings deployed fully (distance with wing end to wing end) Vhagar, 80 cm tall, 2 meters with 30 with wings deployed fully. Meraxes 70 cm tall, 2 meters with 20 with wings fully deployed.) They thought they would grow but didn't, but kept them either way. Then, tragedy struck a few years later (Visenya: 19 Aegon: 17 Rhaenys: 15) when 4 empousai arrived at Amelia Island. Valaena tried to win some time for them to flee, but failed after being killed pretty easily. Visenya gave Dark Sister to Rhaenys before taking a knife and killing one of the empousai before taking her mother's sword and killing two very easily but died with the last empousai. Aegon understood that Visenya was not coming back and that if Rhaenys went after her, they would be in more danger. He knocked Rhaenys unconscious and carried her to the escape raft. The escape raft carried them through storms until they finally arrived at Miami, where the raft sank a while before a satyr led Aegon and Rhaenys to Camp Half-Blood.