Rogue lived with his mother for the first thirteen years of his life, originally being born in Texas. They had been hunting and camping in nearly every state and country that he doesn't even remember most of the villages and towns they've been to. During that time, he was able to make a couple of friends, which turned into penpals, but due to reasons of travel, he only gets to mail letters to them once a year. His mother and he soon settled down in Madagascar in 2009 where his mother worked as a safari instructor. Since then, he would usually go out to hunt by himself and bring home some meat for his mother’s and his lion.

But he didn't settle for long as he was discovered by a satyr who noticed him being a demigod immediately when they met in the forest. He soon left with his mother saying for him to go ‘kill some monsters’ and ‘mail a photo of their insides’ for her. He would usually come back at least four or five times a year to visit his mom but it wouldn't be a very long visit.