Rosie has been rebellious from a young age. Ever since her mortal father abandoned her because she was too much work, she was basically alone. She escaped from foster homes all arounf untill she was stuck with one family and couldn't escape. Her foster parents lived in a nicer part of town, and her mother was a lawyer. Her mother was the opposite of her father, strict and not letting her do anything. Her father would try to give her anything she wanted. They split, and Rosie was stuck between the two. She started to get more rebellious from them when she was forced to stay with her mom for a year. Rosie's mom was appalled at her sarcastic attitude and her not doing anything her mom said because Rosie was mad at them for not sticking together for her. Rosie joined her schoo'ls football team, because she was told girls can't play. She was the kicker, and often broke many windows in her home with the ball. Eventually, after many ditches of school and disobedience, her mother sent her to this "wonderful camp" just to get rid of her. When she was going to the other normal camp, a monster appeared in her path. Rosie used the pocket knife she always kept in her boot and threw it at the monster, who laughed at her tiny attempt. Using this laughter she ran away from it and a satyr that was watching her killed it and led her to Camp Half Blood around the age of 13.