Steven grew up in Virginia with her twin sister, Blythe, and their over working mother, Layla. Layla tried her best in getting all the need for her children, therefore working day and night, getting home at around 12 AM and leaving her children along in the house. As she wanted them to get a good education, she sent them off to various boarding schools. But, both Steven and his sister managed to get themselves kicked out within a week. Layla knew it would be soon when the monster attacks would soon begin. Therefore she begged Hecate to put a spell on them, for eliminating their scent until they grew a little older. As Layla had previously done a favor for the Goddess, Hecate hesitantly agreed, and placed the spell on them until the age of 14.

When the twins hit 13, Layla knew she only had limited time, so she packed up their things and enrolled them in a school in New York, where they could be a little closer to camp before their scents came back.