Violet grew up with a mother who hated her, and demigods. She would often fly into fits of rage at the monsters that where already attacking their house, and drowned her sorrows in alcohol.

When Violet was nine, she saw a chance to escape from her mother and ran. She eventually ended up in a small town in Maryland, staying there for most of her time, only escaping down the coast when the monster attacks became to dire. Being alone for several years, she taught herself how to paint, becoming extremely successful at it. Her paintings became huge hits, and her infamy in the painting world became quite large.

Her infamy in the painting world led to her being discovered by a demigod. He (Callum) led her back to camp at thirteen. Violet almost instantaneously had a crush grow for the older boy. Soon after, a quest followed, sending her, her father, and Callum across the country and into New Mexico searching for a stolen object. There, Violet and her father discovered it was in fact Callum who had stolen the object. Violet ended up having to kill him.