Pairing: Alison and Will



Relationship Information
Relationship Type: Heterosexual
Status: Broke up
Intimacy Level: Very romantic
First Met: Unknown
End: Unknown

Walison, otherwise known as the ship between Will Solace, son of Apollo and Alison Gregor, daughter of Aphrodite, would be considered Demigod Power's 'main ship'.

Their relationship began late April 2014, after Will walked by with Charles Beckendorf, seeing Alison and Sierra Rose (OC) sparring. The two promptly began flirting, and within the week the two where a couple.

On the RP's first quest, Will and Alison where both chosen to go. In the process, they stopped at Alison's fathers house. Alison's father strongly disliked Will at first. Halfway through a battle, her fathers shotgun ricocheted and grazed Will. He took the pain, and Alison's father began to approve of him.

Will, later in the RP was offered the chance to become a lieutenant of Apollo. An immortal child of the god that travels with Apollo around the world every day. He accepted, and put off telling Alison. When he told her he confessed he loved her and she reciprocated the feelings.The two stayed together on shaky grounds after this.

Will decided that it was unfair to Alison (he being immortal and all,) to continue their relationship any further. With the help of a child of Hecate he cast a spell on Alison to make her have platonic feelings for him, and to fall in love with another camper. (Shirou Latorre, son of Apollo.)

Will couldn't deal with the pain of losing Alison, so he endeavored to break the spell-and succeeded. Yet again, they split shortly after that when Alison fell for Will's best friend Jake Mason, but realized her heart belonged with Will and tried to get back with him. He declined so Alison quickly rebounded with James Bartholmew, son of Ares. (Otherwise known as 'the sexy pirate') but, as usual Walison quickly got back together.

The pair, yet again, split mid-july after a relatively peaceful time. Will's mother, a women in a cult of mortals to kill all demigods and gods. His mother had finally perfected a serum using the mist to make Will forget he was a demigod. Alison and a small group of demigods quickly searched for and located Will. After a short stint, the ever-teenager mortal Will unknowingly took the cure, which had been in his mothers medicine cabinet at a party he threw. Alison, undercover was at that party.

The group returned to camp, only to have Will be told to leave and work with his father while keeping tabs on his mother's group of killers. The two never officially broke up after this, but Alison chose to date Will Waterson son of Poseidon after Will was not used for several months.

In reaction to her moving on Will took a risk and asked out Cherry Valace daughter of Pheme.