Wyatt was born ten minutes before his younger twin, Nathan. He and his family of four (him, his brother, his sister and his mum) lived in small flat on the streets of Perth before his mother met his step-dad. Back then, the man was nice and caring and when his family moved into his step-father's house, he was very, very nice.

Wyatt disliked his 'step-father' and believed that the man was evil. And after he heard the news of his mother being pregnant, he began to loathe the man, which his sister had the same feeling. Then a couple of months after his mother's and step-father's wedding (also a couple of weeks after his 10th birthday), his step-father became cruel, as he expected.

He became cruel to the extent where he started abusing Nathan for no reason. His step-father started whipping him out of his own pleasure and one night, he even got out a dagger. Nathan was nearly stabbed in the eye but it missed with Wyatt blocking the attack with his arm, earning a long scar on his arm.

When his sister found out about the incident and his mother too, his mother questioned why and his sister had demanded that the twins would stay with her because she was legally allowed to live in her own home. After convincing his mum, Wyatt and him moved into their sister's beach house and started living with her boyfriend too.