Aphrodite CabinEdit

Abby RoseEdit

They're mutual friends having been introduced by Nathan and Jessie. Although they don't really talk much, they get along quite well. Their friendship becomes a little stronger after playing 2-player games at the arcade.

Jessie RoseEdit

Wyatt knows about Jessie from Nathan who revealed that Jessie and Abby were also twins. 

Erebus CabinEdit

Nathan MccoyEdit

Wyatt loves his younger brother strongly, having raising him since he was old enough to realise the faults of his family. He became more cautious of who Nathan's friends with after the abuse from their step-father. 

Summer ForestEdit

Wyatt worries for Summer, not only because he's the head counselor but because he's also her half-brother. He tries to find a way to cheer her up as well.