Zeus' Cabin front

Zeus' Cabin looks like a white marble box, with white heavy columns in the front. This cabin is the biggest and bulkiest of all the cabins. It has polished bronze doors that shimmer like a hologram, and have lightning bolts streaked down them. The dome-shaped ceiling is decorated with moving mosaics of a cloudy sky and thunder bolts. It also thunders all the time. There is no furniture in there at all. The cabin has alcoves with golden eagle statues. There is one big intimidating statue of Zeus in the middle.

Doors lead off on the sides to a bathroom and bedrooms, which are all the same, white marble walls and floors, paired with simple black furniture. Each room is decorated differently for each camper, who try to spruce up the cold place as much as possible. It doesn't always pass inspection, mainly because of Lani.[1]

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